Carpe Diem

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Dream Big. Live Humbly. And Carpe Diem.

Okay let’s do the formalities first then. Hi there, how you doing?

I’ve always been a bookworm, I don’t know when it started or who I got it from but books are just my thing, like books just leave me speechless both in the good and bad ways. I love good books, talented authors should be paid more than top football (or soccer to the rest of the world) players because whilst I love both books…

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Bonjour guys, long time no blog (or somethig else just as cheesy)

The reason for my lack of blogging is 1) exams screwed me over {but they’ve beeen over for nearly a month now, I think I had an exam hangover} and 2) I’ve been in ‘the motherland’ for a week today!

I landed in Joburg (Johanesburg, South Africa) last week and have been trying to settle into a routine all week but the heavens had…

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im always suspicious of anyone that finds me attractive

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